When using a computer or smartphone, the access data is particularly important for safety reasons. You have to pay particular attention to the creation of your own passwords. Passwords are needed, e.g. for registration with social media, for an e-mail address, for games and for most providers of various services on the Internet. Also for the encryption of the computer and the smartphone a good password is indispensable.

It is even more important, however, that you do not share the password with anyone. Not even your best friend.

What can happen if someone else uses my password?

  • Online shops can be purchased in my name - I have to pay without having received the goods.
  • In social networks can be posted in my name.
  • Payments can be made from my account - so with my money.
  • Messages to my friends can be sent in my name.
  • Cloud services can be accessed, e.g. my photos

How to create a good and secure password?

  • It should be at least 8 characters long - the longer the better. (Tips for this can be found below)
  • Uppercase, lowercase and special characters should be included.
  • Never use personal data or hobbies for a password. So never your name, date of birth, address, favorite movie, favorite book ...
  • Words that can be found in the dictionary are not suitable for passwords, they can be cracked quickly.
  • Think about what data are known to you from a large group of people and avoid these things as a password. For example, the name of your pet, your favorite group, food ...
  • A good password is formed by means of abbreviations. Choose a line or rhyme, and use the first letter of each word.
  • Always use different passwords for different accounts.

Examples of creating a good, secure password:

  • Look for a phrase or poem that you like
    Joy, beautiful spark of the gods, Daughter of Elysium!
    Take the beginning letters and add special characters:
    Your secure password: JbsotgDoE!


  • Take a sense that reminds you of something.
    "Joy changes me, you and the world!"
    Your password: Jcmy + tW!


  • Take a personal sentence that will do you good.
    I (1) make the moment for a friend!
    Your password: 1mtmfaF!

How do you protect your password?

  • Do not tell the password to anyone.
  • Do not log into your accounts on foreign devices (smartphones, laptops, etc.). If so, make sure that the passwords are not stored there.
  • Try to replace the passwords after a certain time.
  • Never write on a post it and attach it to the device!
  • Always log out of all accounts after using the computer or programs.
  • Make sure that no one is watching you enter the password.

What should I do if the password / device with the saved passwords is stolen?

  • Immediately replace all passwords.
  • Reporting important providers, e.g. Banks etc. that your password has been stolen.
  • If you do not have access to your account, notify your friends that messages sent from there are not from you.