How to protect me and my children online?

Over 90 % of parents in Europe are worried about data security in the internet und ask themselves:

  • What are WhatsApp and Co doing with photos and data of my children?
  • What are google and other companies doing with my data?
  • How can I protect me and my children?

The DATAPP-APP offers:

  • Joint learning for parents and children for navigating through the internet safer using the 'Learning game APP'
  • You can find information and options for action concerning the topics password protection, safety adjustments, social media, competitions, etc. under 'Themes and Tips'

So that our children and youths can move safely and freely around the internet!

Joint learning / learning game APP

The learning game APP provides parents and children with the possibility to learn more about data security, important safety rules and other things to protect yourself as well as your children.

Desktop PC version


Themes and tips

Anti-virus software · competition / fraud · passwords · security settings · social media · upload/download · conclusion of a contract online · further tips

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Help and contacts

Institutions you can contact if you have questions about the topic data protection.

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The project

The ERASMUS+ Project offers the opportunity, to learn more about the topic data security and to get important information in the area 'themes and tips'

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Project partner

The project partner of the ERASMUS+ Project

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Analysis and result

Important results of the extensive European survey

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