Project data protection App

Internet – (il)legal space, teach and learn through the data protection APP, how to enhance media competence in the education of adults and youths.

This strategic partnership focuses on data protection and security of children and youths. Privacy is a high value asset in our democracy and requires you to have online media competence. A sound relationship between parents and their children enables successful exchange and discussions about media contents, data security and data evaluation and can therefore provide the best 'protection'.

Therefore parents need information and learning opportunities in order to help them dealing with the challenges of data protection and data security and thus for the protection of their kids.

With 'Internet – (il)legal space' the consortium around Recht in Europa e.V. wants to provide such an European possibility: '' (a web based data protection APP).

There you can find important information about the topics copyright, technical security, content security, advertisement, cyber mobbing etc. included in interactive games and learning-tools.

Furthermore informs the users (parents) about their entitlement to the right to information and they can also find a password generator which helps creating and checking safe passwords.

Project coordination: Recht in Europa e.V.